At we’re concerned about your personal safety and your self defense preparedness. Our goal is to offer product allowing you to control cell-phone and protect yourself.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We will work very hard to make sure we always satisfy your needs on a timely basis. With over 5 years of experience in web safety we understand the value of a good relationship between seller and buyer. We know that to develop such a relationship our policies and practices have to meet the following objectives:

  • To serve our customers as completely and thoroughly as we can.
    – To do everything we can to provide the value, quality and service our customers expect.
    – To expect a fair and reasonable return for the service we provide.
    – To continue to learn about our market so we can serve our customers better, and more intelligently, to their satisfaction.
    – To constantly improve our product offerings to meet the changing needs of our customers.
    – To be certain we test our policies and practices against what is right and just.
    – To that end we are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. We know that the only way we can become a successful business is by making our customers happy. At YourLifeSafety, we are dedicated to serving our customers, each and every day. Feel confident that you are receiving first quality products and services by choosing

We offer a carefully chosen assortment of items for home and family security at fair and reasonable prices. Every order is to be promptly shipped within 1 to 3 hours.

We encourage feedback on our products and merchandise selections; suggestions that could improve our customer service; or any ideas you may have on ways to improve our value to you. Thanks for visiting our website!

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